Colbeck and friends sing for a 'forensic audit' and ruin a Christmas song

December 18, 2021, 6:37 AM

Humor is ... such a personal thing. Something you find funny someone else might find not funny at all. We wish we could tell you more about the YouTube video we stumbled across Friday night, but maybe it's best to simply take it for what it is: A bunch of Trumpers singing "All I Want for Christmas (is a Full Forensic Audit)" and just laugh and laugh and laugh. 

We see failed gubernatorial candidate Pat Colbeck in the back row, and even he looks a little embarrassed, athough he posted it on his Facebook, so he can't be that shook. 

FWIW, the group whose YouTube page is hosting video is MEGA, or Michiganders Eradicating Guardian Abuse. Anyway, enjoy, and merry Christmas.

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