Detroit east-side crash wrecks six vehicles, injures four elders, yields great description

March 03, 2022, 7:25 AM

We don't normally bother aggregating news of nonfatal car wrecks here. In a city of this size, with this many miles of road and this many cars and places to crash them into one another, even a crazy wreck has to stand out somehow. But this one sounds like a particularly expensive game of bumper cars, so here you go. 

The bum-rushing U-Haul is hauled away. (Photo: Fox 2 video)

Fox 2 Detroit reports on the crash at 8 Mile and Van Dyke, which no one could quite put together, other than it sounded like a chain reaction and a U-Haul was involved: 

"We were just doing our thing like we do daily, answering phones, taking care of customers when all of a sudden we just hear a big boom and as we’re hearing it we’re hearing more booms and booms," said Jeff Savaya.

Savaya works at Holbrook Auto Parts on Eight Mile – the crash happened in front of the store.

"We were so shocked," he said. "We had a few customers inside, they all looked and we saw cars hitting cars, on top of cars and then a big U-Haul just came and kind of bum-rushed everyone."

"A big U-Haul just came and kind of bum-rushed everyone" may stand out  -- for now, anyway -- as the best single description of a vehicle crash in ... well, the last six months, say. 

The bottom line: Four "senior citizens," no other description, were taken to a local hospital, but all are expected to recover. 

Read more:  Fox 2 Detroit

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