Metro Detroit contractor swings on TV reporter, catches (another) case

April 20, 2022, 11:18 AM

"Faux Fence Guy" bonds out of jail to find Rob Wolchek waiting.

A fence contractor feeling salty after winding up on Fox 2's "Hall of Shame" took a swing on Rob Wolchek this week when the reporter tracked him down for a follow up story. Trouble was, a camera was rolling and they were outside a police station.

It's the latest in the saga of Seth Chuhran, AKA "Faux Fence Guy," who some metro Detroit homeowners allege took downpayments for fence installations and never did any work. He reportedly has 10 such cases pending and was last week charged with a felony in Frasier after another complaint.

Wolchek, who first followed Chuhran around a Lowe's in 2020, pursued him again as he was bonding out of jail. The contractor told him to "Get the fuck away," smacked his microphone and took more swings when Wolchek didn't relent. 

He was promptly arrested, this time for assault.

"I didn't touch him! Why are you guys doing this?" he shouted as he was handcuffed.

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