Russian Devices That Convert Weapons to Illegal Machine Guns Surface in Pontiac Gang War

June 20, 2022, 11:41 AM

The devices (Photo: WGN-TV screenshot)

Russian exports are playing a part in the violent gang wars in Pontiac.

Robert Snell of The Detroit News reports:

Russian weaponry is helping fuel gun violence in Pontiac, where rappers and rival gang members are accused of waging a war that has led to more than 40 shootings since July and the killing of a 7-year-old girl on the drive home from school....

The focus on street gangs emerged during a series of recent hearings in federal court that illustrated the scope of violence in Pontiac, and in filings that indicate devices purchased from Russian companies are being used to convert pistols into fully automatic, illegal machine guns. In trying to jail accused gang members and associates while awaiting trial, prosecutors described drive-by shootings, Pontiac streets littered with dozens of bullet casings and triggermen linked to multiple gunfights.

Snell reports that one gang member allegedly bought 32 Glock switches, commonly known as “Glock Switch” or “Glock Auto Sear,” to illegally convert guns to automatic weapons from a website called Silencer Sales in Russia, using Western Union for payment.

The devices, which also have been purchased in states like Illinois from China, display the word "Glock," but are not manufactured by the well-known Austrian-based weapons company. 

Semi-automatic weapons, like AR-15s and Glocks, are not illegal. But federal law prohibits them from being converted into automatic-firing machine guns.  

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