Readers salute Deadline Detroit: 'You folks kicked up a lot of dust'

September 03, 2022, 6:02 AM

We've seen an outpouring of affection to news that Deadline Detroit will shut down after Labor Day.

We're overwhelmed by the support and hundreds of positive comments during the past three weeks. We appreciate readers who joined a 10-year ride that was bumpy at times, but never dull, and often fun and rewarding. 

"Thank you for so many years of such great work," posts Fox 2 Detroit anchor Amy Lange. "This is truly a loss for journalism, for Detroit, for all of us."

"I will miss Deadline Detroit," Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. tweeted Thursday.


Here's a sampling of other social media comments:

  • Roop Raj, Fox 2 Detroit anchor: "Sorry to see the doors close on a decade of good storytelling. Best to all of the players involved."
  • Don Gonyea, NPR correspondent: "Thanks and appreciation for all you’ve done at DD. As an expat Detroiter, it was a daily lifeline to a city I love."
  • Jackie Paige, WWJ broadcaster: "Deadline will be missed."
  • Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press executive editor: "You folks kicked up a lot of dust. Bravo."
  • Kim Trent, deputy director at Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity: "You did great work in a very tough environment."
  • Nathan Bomey, Axios reporter and author: "I am going to miss Deadline Detroit."
  • Joe Swickard, Grosse Pointe freelance journalist and former Free Press reporter: "Helluva journalistic run."
  • Francis Grunow, Detroit: "Say it ain't so! Thanks for everything."
  • Mike Bouchard, Oakland County sheriff: "Best wishes in the next adventure."
  • Tresa Baldas, Free Press reporter: "Definitely leaving a hole in Detroit. Thanks for all your hard work!!!"
  • Steve Mitchell, Lansing pollster: "DD played a valuable part in the news. It's a real tragedy to see it closed -- for us and its great journalists."
  • Eliza Neals, Detroit blues and rock performer: "We needed you so very much and most of us are very thankful you stepped into the void. Metro Detroit will need another champion to step up and 'make good trouble' to give a voice to so many. We won’t forget your valiant fight for journalism."
  • Linda Solomon, Bloomfield Hills photographer: "Thank you for enlightening. You had the courage to write the stories others avoided. Your mission was maintained -- discover the truth and inform."
  • Gary Heinlein, former Detroit News state capital reporter: "Best wishes to everyone who worked at Deadline. It's noble work, but very hard work and it's unfortunate that it's ending."
  • John Denomme, Grosse Pointe Woods music industry consultant: "Big loss. An intelligent, independent voice that will be missed."
  • Ron Fournier, Detroit and Lansing PR firm president: "Hate to see you go."
  • Rod Arroyo, Grosse Pointe Farms photographer: "Sorry to hear this. Will miss the fine work."
  • Mark Hornbeck, formner Detroit News state capital reporter: "Thanks for a good decade. Will miss DD."
  • Dale Peskin, author and former Detroit News assistant managing editor: "You should know that journos like me who left Detroit relied on DD. Good show. Stay proud."
  • Peter Werbe, veteran of Detroit radio: "Oh, no! How you will be missed. Thank you for your informative and courageous coverage of the news. There is now a hole in Detroit journalism."
  • Suzie Mitchell, West Bloomfield: "You did a great job bringing us interesting and important news."
  • Cathy Brabant, Largo, Fla.: "Noooooooooo! You are one of my go-to sites."
  • Ella Norman: "Broken-hearted and very sad. The stories were great, the information vital. The slant what was missing from the regular dailies. They say only the good die young."
  • Mark Cavitt, Oakland Press reporter: "A big loss for the Michigan journalism community.
  • Jameson Draper, Detroit: "Sorry to hear this. Deadline Detroit has been a needed voice in the city for a decade."
  • George Waldman, former Detroit News and Freep photographer: "You kept hope alive."
  • Maureen McDonald, Detroit freelance journalist: "Thanks for a long and devoted run. So many great articles. I wish it could be purchased by someone else. It fills an important gap in coverage."
  • Arlene Frank, Detroit: "Thank you for your excellent journalism, your thoughtful reporting, your eye for how best to support the people, and your understanding of the city. I will miss Deadline Detroit – as will so many others."
  • Meegan Holland, ex-journalist in East Lansing: "A real loss to the community and to journalism."
  • Gene Thompson, North Carolina: "Deadline Detroit has been my contact with 'home' though these days I am rooted in Western North Carolina. My dad carried the badge of a DPD officer for 25 years. He and my mother are buried across Gratiot in Gethsemane. Deadline Detroit gave me a sense of still being a part of the city. It is indeed a loss, although I do understand the need to step back. Burnout is recoverable, flame-out is destructive. Thank you for having been there."
  • Bill Seikaly, Bloomfield Hills attorney: "This is a sad day for journalism, especially in Detroit. Deadline Detroit was the best reporter of news in Metro Detroit. There were no sacred cows. Just direct, honest, and hard-hitting journalism. Many of us may have thought Deadline was 'edgy,' but it should have been considered the standard for local news coverage. It will be missed, and I fear it cannot be replaced."
  • Brent Snavely, Detroit PR agency vice president: "So sorry to hear this news. Deadline Detroit had a unique voice and perspective. It became relevant and often covered news not found elsewhere -- or aspects of big stories not found elsewhere. It will be missed."
  • James Brooker, Detroit: "Like many other stories, I'm seeing this news first on Deadline Detroit. Not the kind of news I was looking for this morning. This site is ALWAYS the first local news I look at every day -- for a good reason.
  • Julie Johnston: "I am so sorry to hear this news! Your coverage will be greatly missed and will leave a void."
  • LINC Detroit, marketing agency: "So sad to see Deadline Detroit is closing. We're sad to see them go."
  • "dishwab" on Reddit Detroit: "Less independent local journalism is a very bad thing."

The farewell announcement:

Lengel: After 10-plus years, Deadline Detroit will close next month

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