Detroit Lions 'Haven’t Looked Like Their Confident New Selves for a Few Games Now' - Wojo

November 23, 2023, 11:23 PM

Well, this was supposed to be a different Thanksgiving with a far different outcome. 

Instead, the Detroit Lions were outplayed and embarrassed on national TV, losing to the dominant Green Bay Packers 29-22.

Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski writes:

They haven’t looked like their confident new selves for a few games now. The defense has been passive, failing to collect a sack two of the past three games. This week, it was young Jordan Love picking them apart, unsacked and virtually untouched. Last week, it was the Bears young Justin Fields, relatively untouched until the Lions rallied in the final four minutes. Before that, the Chargers’ Justin Herbert was unsacked and unstoppable, but the Lions hung on 41-38.

Listen, nobody cares how you win in the NFL, unless unstable patterns begin to develop. The offense has done just enough to pull out three of the past four games, but the Lions are living on the edge, and their vaunted offensive line has teetered on the ledge. In this one, Jared Goff suffered from indecision (or indigestion?), unsure when to throw, when to run and when to duck from the constant pressure. He lost three fumbles and was sacked three times, one week after throwing three interceptions in the narrow win over the Bears.

Concerning? Yeah. Wildly concerning? Not yet. “The easy thing is to get in panic mode, but I’m not panicked,” Dan Campbell said.

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